Foreign Language Translation Bee 2024

The Routes into Languages East Foreign Language Translation Bee is a competition for students in Years 8 & 9 to build on the work they did in Year 7 with the Routes into Languages National Spelling Bee practising and improving their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language (French, German or Spanish). It meets the demand from pupils and their teachers for a project providing a sense of progression by building on the requirements of the new KS3 curriculum, with its emphasis on translation and grammatical manipulation etc., helping students to practise and improve a range of skills vital to preparation for starting a GCSE course: vocabulary, pronunciation, memory, verb conjugation, tenses and sentence formation.

Unfortunately due to the loss of funding we are now having to charge all schools to take part in the Translation Bee competition. The cost will be £100 for state schools and £175 for non-state schools. Please use this link to pay your school's entry fee before registering for this year's competition

Please note that refunds will not be possible - it is the school's responsibility to ensure that having registered the school participates in the competition.